When you grow up in the bricks CONSTANTLY fantasizing on pastoral settings like I did all the time was a great way for me to rationalize NEVER paying attention in class. A.D.D. ?, I think not,.to never pay attention was a CHOICE,.a choice had I not made it would have snuffed my burgeoning Imagination that eventually led me to the discovery of a talent to write songs..But first I had to learn the art of Daydreaming where you let your mind wander as far as it seems humanly possible in the middle of an algebra class so that when I came back from my daydreaming excursion there was no retention whatsoever of anything the teacher had said or taught for that hour or so..I purposely deleted everything that had to do with book knowledge from my over stimulated fantasizing mind except for of course Literature and poetry which I devoured by the acre load. I was an avid young reader..So after fantasizing about the unknown and the great beyond all day at school in all of my classes, when I finally left the building and walked down to Jamaica Avenue to go to my father's store to work for him for a couple of hours, I was stoned on everything that had passed through my race horse brain all day long,. man, by 3.30 in the afternoon I had dreamed up some way out far gone wacky shit,.stuff that I would eventually learn how to turn into songs that I would sing...At that point I had no idea that that kind of a transition even existed,.writing songs was the last thing that crossed my mind; but then there was that guitar in the pawn shop window on 103 street..That guitar intrigued that living crap out of me. In 1956 I was 12 years old and I wanted to be Elvis. Everybody did,.the whole world did. Nobody ever captured the world like Elvis did, not Beatles, Stones, Hendricks, Dylan, Kristofferson, Cash, Jerry Lee,.nobody,. and I wanted to be Elvis..I bought the pawnshop guitar for 25 bucks with money I'd saved working for my father...In a weeks time I could sing and play HEARTBREAK HOTEL. I was Elvis..The Elvis of Jamaica Avenue.