I am not surprised by the stories of people who are overwhelmed with their present circumstance..Life is tumultuous these days on many levels..In my young wonderment, I used to believe that the right song could fix everything. Today I am less inclined to believe that only because as a people we have become so desensitized to sensitivity, compassion, and caring for each other that have now been replaced by ideological belief systems that crush human tenderness. I have nothing but my guitar, my scraggly voice and book full of songs to offer this mad world and with a lot less energy I had 20 or even 10 years ago..At the moment I am being deserted by a few stalward supporters, support that I needed just to keep my enthusiasm at the halfway mark in my cup.. I don't get depressed about things like this as much as it ache's in my heart. Heartaches have been the foundation stones of many great country songs, they are highly relatable because everyone has them at times, no ones excluded, and I have been going through mine for quite some time now. So, you see, I am human just like you, no guitar intended..Today, I must lift this body up and make a leg move, pick my guitar and learn some of the songs I wrote for the new album, CHRIS GANTRY AT THE HOUSE OF CASH, A difficult task because I have no idea how I played them almost 50 years ago..I am expected to perform some of them at a showcase for Drag City Records on Dec 1st in Chicago..I have no assistance on any of this, especially someone to take good care of the cats I feed while I'm gone..I am an old troubadour, I love to play and sing, I love writing songs, but I am a man in need of a helpmate,..So,today I can either be miserable or motivated; knowing my spirit I think I know which one it will be.