MEL TILLIS was an omnipresent force in the early cedarwood days when Benny Joy, Kent Westberry, Fred Burch, Jan Crutchfield, Billy Swan and me were charging in and out of John Denny's office ten thousand times a day. Dollie Denny manned the helm And Mary Claire Rhodes and her husband Curly, were the first mates. It was a dynamic musical explosion everyday with hundreds of tunes written in that Cedarwood building each year on 16th ave south in the early 60's. Mel was a skinny stuttering life force who never slept and wrote prodigious bodies of work.. Everybody loved Mel,.I loved Mel,.he was my friend,,I'm sorry he's gone.. He was a fixture in a culture at a glorious time, a face and smile that lit up a universe,.plus, being a great songwriter..see ya Mel !!