Art is neither callous nor malicious,. never marginalizes grandiosity,. never connives or falsifies,.it condones brash temperance, knowing that pragmatic abandon is a trusty companion,.Art never cheats or complains of misguided vision,.is non-dictitorial ,.never compromises knowingly unless forced momentarily into mediocrity's alley by an errant cretan hearted non-compliant gypsy,.Art never cringes or hides behind dim unattractive colors,.doesn't dance to discordant rhythms or malcontent melodies,.Art doesn't sputter or backfire when it's revelation is soiled, but rather retreats to the healing cool caverns before mounting a deft frontal attack on unsuspecting black hearts,.Art knows no lingo other then explosive incantations from the angelic alphabet,.it exercises congeniality in the brush hand of a child, but is repulsed by evil heavy-handed trolls, retaliating with monstrous curses that maligns the beast into disfigurement, filling it with noxious poisons,.Art castrates dilly dally worshipers, but heaps gifts on those seekers of the sacred mystery keys to the treasure of the indwelling genie of beauty,.. Art, true art that is, is the delicate veil separating those who eternally wonder, and those who drink from vials of liquid glory that catapult them into the everlasting spheres of the hyper awareness of trillions of infinities.