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You look at an old face like mine,.you wonder,."whats going on in that head of his",. Well, the same shit that's going on in yours more n' likely,. Survival, relevance, survival, relevance, survival, relevance, and how to launch an assault against the forces that are apathetic to your presence and are trying to hold you down,.How do I convince you that I have the goods when I show up in a 75 year old husk of a body that's been battered and bruised for 700 years,.I wouldn't put a young songwriter in the position of challenging me to a songwriting duel,.they might land some hefty punches in the first few rounds, but old artists will wear them down over time toward the 15th round ..old songwriters have learned how to by-pass gymnastics and consolidate every inspirational nuance onto the head of a pin that leaves no residue,.Songs that spill from the hearts of old songwriters are what the world is missing,.evolution cries for it,.Today, once again, like every other day of my long untethered life, I will strive for the masterpiece..Is this not what we're here for in everything we do,.To create masterpieces.?