There is a great secret among songwriters,.kind of like hyroglyphics inscribbed on walls of deep under water caverns,.. even the most pragmatic dictatorial anal- retentive formularistic hack songwriter will ascribe to what I'm going to say,..There is not a songwriter alive who can profess to know how they write a song,.we can't point to anything except that "IT HAPPENS",.it just happens,.we don't know how or even why songs get written,.they just do,.THE BIGGER AND BROADER the song, the less one can say how it came to be,.Powerful songs that have stood the test of time and popularity, songs that are still holding up after many many decades, I can assure you that the writers of those wonderful creations IF ASKED HOW THEY WROTE SUCH AMAZING WORKS, couldn't give you even the faintest clue how they we're birthed..It's magic !! Songwriters are people who create magic, but have no idea how the magic is done.,,we just believe in the magic,.believing in the magic is the only prerequisite a man or woman needs to do "anything"...Life is magical,.it is the only true magical reality.,.We are spirits living in fleshly bodies, looking out from behind our eyes trying to make sense of what it is we see, feel, hear, and touch,.we give these things names and they are what we call our "life"..Truth is, nobody knows whats really happening,.things just happen,.but what it is thats happening we don't know,.there are those who think they know,.but they don't have a clue,..Songwriters understand this truth. I can truthfully say as time goes on that I know little or less as to why or how so many songs pass through me,.I can only honestly say, "I dont know"... Its magic. !!