You play a show much as the one I played last night,.the room is packed,.packed with people that you have only seen sporadically over time,.and now they are suddenly all in the same room together,.the people of your life all in the same room,.the ones you love,.ones you've hurt,.ones you've shared myriads of confidences, differences,.preferences,.holistic combative voodoo,.lust,.business,.art,.skirmishes,.trickery,.deceptions,.alliances,.plagues,.victory's,.and every parsimonious instance of human tenderness and litigation know to our species,.all of it, one room, has converged upon you once again in one spot,.and your about to take the stage and perform for them,'ve rehearsed,.but now, as you adjust your guitar you feel the weight of their eyes and souls boring into you,. Waiting,.wondering,." What's this clown gonna do ", at least that's what you think their thinking,.You hit your first chord and everything changes,.you instantly become the pack leader,.you are taking them on a journey,.your journey,.into uncharted waters,.they trust you ,.and once again you have the opportunity to make it all right ,.fix it all,.heal all injustices,.rekindle love,.trust,.reunite those split atoms of separation,.all with a song,.a little song,.it can do it all,..a little song..yes,.a little song can do it every time