Some of us are crowned as kings, and some of us are loyalists to kings,. Kingship has never rained on me although I've been blessed to be blood brothers with royalty,. I would not have been a good king,..i don't have the patience for ruler ship or the demands of popularity,. There were moments in time when the possibility of king ship presented itself,.but,.i was a selfish boy,.at least with my time anyway,. I preferred the joy of aloneness in the creeks and fields of long hot southern summers rather then the stuffiness of smoke filled clubs and wreck less highways ,...I haven't enjoyed the payday of Kings,. Sometimes it's been a mite barren out there on the bunny trail,. The winds were frightful at times,. But i always reveled in the fact that i lived Free,. Never compromising myself for the fast buck,. and always in love with the process,. With this as my life's signature, I managed to create tons of works, endless sculptures of my journey,.. In my spirit I've always felt like A wild big kid, always showing up at the right time , and leaving when things got to serious and boring,. heading for the woods to play with dogs,. I always loved playing with doggies,. Rather be with them then people most times,. When i was a boy,. A young boy,..I never had any doubt in my mind that i would roam like A BANDIT and live as gypsies do,..i had no ambition,. None what so ever,..I didn't want to be anything,. Wanted no profession,. Did not want to work or be a somebody,..i wanted to live with horses and dogs,. Cats too,. Hated school and skipped out anytime I could,. When i found the guitar, i fell in love,..a guitar to me was like the BANG-A- RAMA EXPRESS TO WAY COOL'S VILLE ....In my young boys life i'd found my true companion,.my best friend,. And together we'd condone each others rowdy ways,.., jumping out the window together when the "HEAT WAS ON ",...I made NO plans for a future,. Didn't want any,. Just lived in the moment and played my guitar,. Spinning whatever web came out at that moment,. And that was the life to me as i reckoned,..and in those single strings of moments,. Call them years if you will,. I've written thousands of songs, stories, poems, plays, books, and ramblings of abandoned glee and mirth and wildness,. A portrait of a lone riders journey in the shadow of the kings. To the degree of personal freedom I've accrued over the dance of time, i guess i can say, "I've lived like a king", and that is my song. !!!!!