Declassifying your songwriting might be the first step to approaching the UNKNOWN ...I cant express the remarkable feeling to end up with words on a pad that completely neutralizes and defies all the silly handles we give ourselves and our music,..what a handle or a title does is that it narrows the scope of the imagination in the listeners mind ..what might have resonated in them as an epiphany or revelation is now lessoned by the fact that this person calls him or herself a folk singer or an outlaw or a jazz singer or whatever over shadowing the work..The universality of the song gets quashed in a truckers handle..songs are just songs..they either are or they ain't..Just appear and sing your song and be known as a true artist..if you can do that,.its really all you need to be successful..Then, you don't have to be constantly living up to the image you've created of yourself..Boy, if that crap don't get old. !!!