We are a gargantuan force of nature,.you can't extinguish us or malign us,.we dominate dreams and visions,.we feed only on drifting rainbows and talismanic moons,.we are match makers of trees and mountain oracles,.only wind and mist console us,.we venture into lost galaxies and comet trails,.we are attracted to diamond glints and singing sepia oceans,.the sculptured crosses on walls of underground grotto's pierce the nebulae of our astral vision,.we collaborate with elves and friendly phantoms,.the grains of exotic woods hold mercurial mysteries for us,.we partner with desert spirits and rubies,.delectable wines and olives sing to us in tandem with robust lilies and curative marigolds,.the dust from stones from the first day of creation we keep in an emerald box to bestow enlightenment to wolves and powerful tigers,.we adorn women in veils of primitive fog's that enables them to fly and visit gnome kingdoms of unimaginable spectacles and music,,.we are the seekers and riders of horses composed only of borealis light and thunder feet,.everything ephemeral and intoxicating are our scepters of peace and ancient benevolence,.we are Gypsy guitarists, Gypsy songwriters!!!.