Yesterday I played the Old Time Radio show at Ken Fly's Barbecue Caboose in Lynchburg, TN, with the very talented, Melinda Miller. What a treat to play for people who truly are interested what it is your singing about. The song I sang , BOX OF CRAYONS, written by James Aylward and myself seemed to truly resonate which tells me people are hungry FOR THE MESSAGE,.ACTUALLY, they always have been, just at different degrees at different times according to how much commercialized crap they're being bombarded with at the time. Whats more gratifying is the fact that no one there was talking while Melinda and I played. The clubs on music row in and around about have become utterly desensitized to the aspect of talking while a troubadour performs. How more disrespectful is it then to be flapping your fat mouth in close proximity of a songwriter trying to deliver the goods. Do you have any idea how nerve racking it is hearing a voice that's competing with you for vocal space sometimes no more the a few feet away..Its a form of grandstanding saying " I want the attention, pay attention to meeeee". There in that little town yesterday people showed the greatest respect and paid attention...I have been playing out quite a bit lately and I can honestly say, the attention spans of small town gentry compared to these fat tongue flappers here in Nashville says that grand ole Nashville has become jaded from hearing everything for Free from the glut of songwriters desperate to be heard.." Why should we pay attention when we've heard it all", is the attitude. Well I'm here to tell you you haven't heard anything except the sound of your own voice slapping around like a wind bag..You want to complain about the state of the music industry, but you won't shut up long enough to listen to those who are trying to change it..Angry?, Yeah , a little,.mostly disappointed,,but thank God for the Lynchburg's of the world.