Without passion there's nothing. !! A passionless existence would be like living in a bar of soap,.or being a human ash try,.I can only see life as those who burn with passion as opposed to those who flicker,.An insanely passionate individual is dubbed "CRAZY" by world standards,.the mediocrity of flickering to me is unbearable,.it's like being stuffed in an ice chest,.I am appalled by those parents who coddle their children with over protectiveness, cramping their room to burn,.. wildfires burn brightest,.contained flames flicker and spark but eventually go out ,.give a child room to burn, and their passion for their discovered gifts will consume the world,..we as guardians of the young are given the responsibility to fan their flames,. just enough so it doesn't burn them up in the process, but let's them grow and enlarge with balance and reserve,..I see so many young artists who've had the passion snuffed out of them by over protectiveness ,.burdened with retarded confidence,.saddled with insecurities,.a piece of their spirit amputated. Let these kids grow in the way God intended,.protect them with good teaching and life skills,.but give them free reign to burst into the flames they we're created for,.these individuals will change the world,..change it for the better.