Life seems to be a continual process of shrugging off constraints,.the whole dynamic of existence,.a struggle to extricate one's self from shackles of some sort or another,..and that's it,..the spirit yearning for freedom,..freedom of expression,.of relationship,.of being squeezed into society's box,..From the beginning, we are constantly looking for a way out,..the baby climbs out of it's crib when the parents are in another room,..the convict breaks out of jail,..the songwriter exposes his or her's inner most soul in a daring piece,.nations and countries fighting for their space,..repressed peoples rebelling against those who subjugate them,..all for freedom,..the free spirit incarnates itself into flesh for the purpose of learning evolutionary lessons,..then spends it's carnal life trying to free itself from the restrictions imposed on it by the fleshly kingdoms until it regains it's total independence once again at the moment of it's death,..back to the realms from which it came,. to once again soar in those fathomless spaces,..Why people are not aware of the true human drive for freedom I'll never understand,..If we did, we'd all be trying to be nice to each other to make this sometimes harrowing experience a little more palatable,.. Our true nature is to be free,'s the propensity of everything sentient,..the greatest thing someone whose in a relationship can say is, "he or she let's me be who i am",..what their saying is,. "I am free". We should not take our freedoms lightly,..they are sometimes won hard in a life where every waking moment is spent straining to be FREE !!.