My personal motto has always been, "When your being run out of town by a mob,.pretend your leading a parade",.this runs synonymous with the wonderful line in the Kris Kristofferson song, "Wearing yesterday's misfortune's like a smile", from, "The Pilgrim, chapter 33". An attitude that is light hearted in the face of disaster is the hallmark of the gypsy life style,.It takes a lot to smile when the the world is tumbling down around us as we all well know,..There is no greater cure for calamity then a guitar, don't have to be very proficient at it for it to work it's magic soothing the madness of a tense situation,..a couple of simple chords will do nicely,..I have had the experience of an angered woman throwing all of my personal possessions off a balcony at me as i stood beneath in the pouring rain trying to salvage my electric piano's as they smashed to the ground bursting like eggs into ten million pieces,..clothes sailing off into the muddy lot as i scurried about scooping up everything as fast as i could, stuffing them all into the front seat of my pick up truck. I remember driving a couple miles down the road,..pulling off to the side,..taking out my guitar stashed behind my seat, and as i sat there soaking wet, freezing from cold and shaking in anger and humiliation, proceeded to strum and make up words about the whole incident until i was laughing myself sick at the silliness of the whole ordeal,..yes,.i was ashamed of what i'd done to cause such a tirade in another human being,.but as true gypsy survival mode kicked in, i was suddenly elevated to the stature of the sad giddy clown, which to me is a whole lot loftier then being reduced to the angry vengeful abuser who would plot and form a plan to get back at that person who had just poured burning coals on my head,..the guitar has always been the game changer,..that mystical element that has in it's power to always help one to see the absurd laughable side of life's misgivings,..and in essence, afford one the option of wearing yesterday's misfortunes like a smile. When Kris wrote that line,I have a sneaky suspicion that he had in that moment a vision of his own trials with petty tyrants who had caused him undue duress at particular times, and how he narrowly escaped persecution through his guitar, and was able through his profound sense of honesty, strum a few licks and turn his misfortune into a piece of art.