On January 14th, 2012 in my book "Gypsy Dreamers in the alley", I spoke about actually physically fighting with my father for my personal freedom. In many ways we fight for our personal freedoms everyday. As a songwriter of many decades I've battled the urges between being cognizant about making a living, to being an outrageous free speaking renaissance man of which the money part for most of the time took a back seat. Songwriting is not a job as much as it is a calling, a calling that involves things that are not always understandable. Why certain things pour through me in the way they do is a mystery. I've only been able to chalk it up as a supernatural suprarenal experience where I am the receiver of messages from entities "out there somewhere". I have always said I am not smart or sensitive enough to compose some of the things that fall off my guitar onto the pad. This is a humbling phenomenon, and the older I get the more it happens with recurring frequency. The freedom I fight for these days at 75 years old is to never tarnish or impede the delivery of those messages being funneled through me, and believe me, it is a fight. I am distracted many times by the fear of my own physical survival, so much so, it can be paralyzing. It literally is a battle sometimes to thwart that formidable adversary of fear from overwhelming and demolishing me..Freedoms of any kind are hard fought. As a songwriter I say, " Never quit and do what ever you have to do to overcome that what tries to knock you off the path; it's a freedom worth fighting for".