Guitars, or any other instrument for that matter just don't bulldog their way into our lives; Musical instruments are the "PLAY HARD TO GET BABIES", of all time,..they defy being tamed,.they are obstinate, unwilling, unbending, and initially cold barren objects until they sense their practitioner is a serious participant, someone intent on relationship;.. I say ,"THEY SENSE", because musical instruments are sentient; living things. Much like wild animals, a beginning guitarist needs to tame his/hers new acquisition,..they lay there in their case uttering a low growl, challenging, defiant, "COME ON, they say, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU GOT DONKEY BOY, THINK YOU CAN MAN HANDLE ME,..YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING". For a man, a woman responds to gentility, honesty, sensitivity, and attentiveness , does a guitar, can't flatter your way into a relationship with a guitar,..they only come respect you on their terms,..they will not give up their secrets unless you approach them with an "INDIANA JONES", mentality. To tame a guitar involves persistence, resoluteness , a continuous barrage of frontal attack limb bending maneuvers...Guitars are not won over by seduction,..they succumb to "HEART",. Once the beginning stages of mastery ensue, a guitar becomes willing, pliant, and available...I am sure the guitar hanging in the pawn shop window who saw me coming said to itself as it saw me walk in the front door, "UH OH,. i got a feeling this little dude means business,. no FLIM FLAM IN HIS EYES,. It was right,..i wore that twenty five buck AX out,..I pounced on the thing like a leopard on liver,..i slung the thing into overdrive like i was man handling an intruder trying to break into my house,.there was no pussy footing around ,.I charged like a water buffalo emitting primitive guttural noises lifting her out of her case, and before i painfully attempted TO LEARN TO MAKE THE DIFFICULT B7TH CHORD, I'D THROW MY HEAD BACK AND GIVE OFF A DEAFENING JOHNNY WEISSMULLER TARZAN YELL JUST SO THE GUITAR KNEW I WAS READY TO ROCK, !!! The day you and your guitar become as one living , breathing entity, is the day all of creation is changed forever; changed in ways that only will be recognizable to you somewhere in a distant point of eternity.