One can write their way out of poverty,..time put in to developing one's talent is the barometer for success,.. one finds that over time incites become keener,.perceptions soar,.combinations of words once exasperating to put together become easier to determinate,.writing in my estimation is best done sober,..for some, putting that extra glaze over the mind is a prescription for a creative outburst,..sometimes the glaze works,..most times it doesn't,..Succumbing to the glaze is at best a defense mechanism for insecurity,.inexperience !,. a safe guard in case one gets lost out there in an inner landscape that is foreign and difficult to traverse,..one falls under the illusion that the glaze will lift one up over those road blocks when there seems no definable way to get home,.trusting that once you put the pencil to the paper that inspiration will flood over you so rapidly that you barely have time to breathe is the scenario we hope for,..That blessed occurrence is the watermark that lets us know we are on the path to a determinable horizon,..one can write their way out of poverty if there's a willingness to sweat,.. it takes a long time for one to trust their own instincts,.trust them enough to leap out there into the abyss unfettered by glazes, and boring ass pep talks from constituents who think you have talent and continually bombard you with unnecessary mushy praise. There is no better medicine for development other then time spent,. time sitting alone with ones thoughts, visions, unctions, inspirations, dispositions, rants and whatever talent they have garnered along the way,..by talent i mean, a god given bent combined with intent that produces something never been written before,..the curling wisp of smoke of originality,..Writing done as a laxative to easy street rather then the pure love of it is the first giant mistake,..writing without a sense of love for it is a passionless adventure to nowhere town,. a dead place,..a place where no one wants to live. !!!!