A true Gypsy Dreamer possesses a Ring, a ring not visible to the eye, a Ring that is worn on the pinky finger of the heart. It is a Ring bestowed on children born with an artistic gift at the moment of their birth by Dragons who visit them in their sleep. The ring is a symbol of dedication, purity, and truth, what Dragons call, " SUN OF THE DANCING CLOUDS". They say, it is where the sun and the clouds conspire and mingle in a ritual dance that honors God for everything beautiful and magical about his creation. In turn, God decides who he shall impart his creative gifts to. The truthful secret is, is that he bestows his creative spirit on everyone and every living thing; he is impartial to no one. In this way, it is up to us to discover the gifts he has given us, develop them, and unleash their majesty and healing properties back on the world, thus, the meaning of life. If we do this we are given a ring that we wear on the pinky finger of our hearts throughout all eternity past foreverness. It is the Ring of the evolving spirit, a Ring bestowed by God given to us all by Angelic Dragons, the Ring of the Gypsy Dreamer.