The " Hall of Fame", says what it is, it caters to Famous people,. Being famous is the prerequisite for being inducted into it..I Feel there needs to be an organization of greater Inclusiveness, where you can go and get a feel for what the founding fathers of country music did musically and why they we're the " DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE " of Country Music,.they set a precedent,.. A precedent not to be screwed with because it spoke to people who needed a voice for their frustrations,. Those songs those old country singers sang we're medicinal musical herbs to the folks out there.
Nashville needs it's own preservation hall, something authentic unlike what the GRAND OLD OPRY has become out there on Briley Parkway.. A preservation hall like NEW ORLEANS has,.A place where you can experience the essence of what the spirit of Music City and it's history truly was and is, including those not so famous pioneers who are unknown to most but poured their life's blood into the streets writing songs that helped to shape and win the title of a city whose songwriters we're deadly serious about writing great songs..." NASHVILLE PRESERVATION HALL ".