Apr 27, 2017 8:09am

Eccentricity is not a badge, it's a gift,.mildly put, an eccentric person is not necessarily flushing to the flush of his or her's own plumber, but rather listening to a voice that speaks no human language or is connected to anything "EARTHLY",. To regard oneself as one dimensional is to denigrate the magical being that you are,.actually, you are many selves operating on many different planes simultaneously, aware on each of them as you are reading this post,.Sorrow, Love , pain, joy, life, death, are human states of consciousness we all will deal with throughout eternity in some form or another,.but none of us escapes the MOMENT,.As a songwriter, I try to capture moments,.isolate them in time,.supercharge them so they always expand, gaining traction to afford new revelations when someone hears them,.To do this, songwriters have been dubbed "ECCENTRIC ", WHY ??, Because then bend and squirm to do anything they have to do to receive messages from those outside entities from afar,.Mystical,??, I think so,.at this very moment I am dressed in a world war two diving bell out in the middle of morning rush hour traffic with a small grill roasting frankfurters for passerby's with a huge sign that says " Goiters are really little angels living in your throat ",.. I do this not to appear eccentric, but to attract unseen beings to trust me as a worthy conduit to impart truths, that I'm fearless, and care nothing about what others think of me,.Not a show of defiance or madness, but one of free fall into the virginity of the sacred volcanic mountain of " WOW ".