The healing properties of music and poetry have always be sanctified by seers, saints, mystics and gypsies..Music can fall on people with deep emotional needs and by a simple flip of a switch, a charged positive lyric can right the teetering vessel of depressed individuals smitten with abject hopelessness,.Can it save a life, ?? Yes it most certainly can,.Intervening at that poignant  moment of despair a song of powerful melody and verse can molecularly realign a flagging desperate spirit.. As a young directionless fearful boy, music completely reconstructed my listing countenance, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Dion, and a host of other angels with dirty faces lifted me from the mire of self defeatist, self destructive tendencies catapulting me into the far gone ozone of "Zowie" where I croon and groove to this day..So here's my point pilgrims,.Do we not have a responsibility as keepers of the gypsy gate to impregnate the scene around us with visionary uplifting healing verse and melody so the lost and confused might hear and re-establish a firm footing in their lives and live to go on to spread the good news,.the good news that you dear writer sent out into the world in one of your inspired songs causing the great ripple effect of good ju ju, light and revelation..To be the bearer of the great gift of music comes with a high responsibility,.To dull, tarnish, or use the gift for self aggrandizement, greed, or other egotistical demon qualities will insure you of a life of torment in this life and the next...Stay clean..write true. !!