No matter how cool we are or cool we're not , how we glorify ourselves in our minds, or prance about like we are something special ; truth is , we are ( HU) spirits in (man) dirt or dust. HUMAN, or HUMAS..."SPIRITS IN DIRT",..THAT'S IT ..I mean, can't you feel yourself peering out from behind your eyes,..a little spirit in there looking out at this weird place we ended up in called "THE WORLD"...We came here from another place to experience this whacked out scene called human life..The whole trip of being here is for one purpose and one purpose only,.."to learn that awareness, whether living in a physical body or in the spirit, is about YOU, and not ME ",..That giving is the essential reality, not taking,.what i can do for you rather then what i can do for me. We spent our whole lives torn between pleasuring ourselves while the little voice inside is yelling, "HELP THAT PERSON AND QUIT THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF",..Have you ever noticed when you have a special piece of knowledge that somebody else does't have, when you share it with them how good it makes you feel...???? that's called SERVICE, MENTORING...You can serve and mentor at any time , and any stage of your life,..there's always some little person out there who would die to know how you do a certain something, can be ten or sixteen, or one hundred ,'s ALWAY'S the right time time to help someone, get's us out of our icky dumb heads, know ,..that drippy boring feeling we get when we've looked at our own reflections in the mirror too long, or thought about how great and wonderful we are for about a thousand hours longer then we should have,..Christmas is a day not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but it's also to initiate the teaching he came here to teach..LOVE ONE ANOTHER, ..TREAT YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU WOULD HAVE SOMEONE TREAT YOU,..AND HELP YOUR BROTHER...We shouldn't have to wait for tragedies to happen to help some one...I've learned a lot about music over the years,..the great fun of my life is sharing it,..pointing the way to a young aspiring artist is my passion at this stage of the game,..whether they take what you show them and use it or not is beside the point, least I let it go,..didn't keep it locked up inside myself,..gave that knowledge flight,..breathing room,..Holding on makes me tight and small,.giving it away sets me free....It's freedom we are all looking for,.the only path to it is by reaching out your hand,..not by tucking it deep down in your pocket,...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!