OK studs and space kitties,.here's the deal,.All colors came out of the void,.the darkness,.the blackness,.black,.when there was nothing before Gods creation it says there was noting but the void,.the colorless lifeless darkness,.The first people on the planet were dark skinned individuals who came from Mesopotamian valley,.As the human species evolved different colors came from the one first color ( BLACK) just as the colors of the rainbow came from the one first color (black),.SO !! today,that overstuffed white Nazi who expounded his hated for all races not white, would it stun him to know that his own evolution came from the black race,.that he has evolved from the black man the original human species,.Isn't that the final irony that this blabber faced primitive disgusting piece of protoplasm spawned from the very species he's hates and more then likely wants to see them dead..As the chorus says in my song " BOX OF CRAYONS ", written by  James Aylward and myself says " Box of crayons, each color unique, blending them together is what makes a perfect rainbow complete, Box of crayons, wouldn't it be great, if the world would do the same think of all the pretty pictures it could make. "