I played a tribute for Glen Campbell last night with Jeff Dalton who was Glens guitar player for 15 years..As I sat on stage I realized how all of us as troubadours get wound into the workings of one another as long as we are persistent and keep to the path.Although I've done this all my life, It's been a blink of the eye, a long string of fragmented moments that make up a life, my life, a cherry red ripping scream of a ford Impala with flared skirts, high compression heads and overdrive sliding into the impassioned Zambezi blue sunset of dancing guitar playing pixies sliding down mountains of whipped cream on horseback in snowstorms of elegant miniature swans and vibrant telekinetic symphonic wheat fields of interplanetary fairies that play jazz bugles and paint portraits of God out on the tundras of heavens Apple glaciers where the smells of homemade potato pancakes drive you crazy,.and that's just for starters.. At 75, life is just beginning.