The art of the song can best be described as "DREAMING AWAKE". It usually is preceded by what I call "stalking" the Muse. In my case I get this uncontrollable desire to connect with the Spirit of creativity, to compose something, write something meaningful. Coupled with desire and intent a magical thing happens much in the same way a grain of sand irritates the oyster causing the creature to create a perfect pearl. Desire and Intent causes an irritation in the spirit world initiating a response setting events into motion responsible for the creation of art. This is what makes us magical creatures. We are Dreamers. Dreams are the mystical ingredient in the heart felt song. In the movie "BACK TO THE FUTURE" , in order for the hero to get back to the present the right chain of events had to take place for that to happen.. Stalking the muse is the prerequisite for Magic to occur. Sitting in rooms trying to mentally induce it doesn't work and only replicates " MIND CRAP ". When the creative spirit decides you are ready to receive whatever it is it wants to impart it throws you into the state of DREAMING AWAKE; and this is where it all happens.