Great songwriting slips off the pen like coconut oil rolling of the shoulders of a gorgeous Brazilian girl in the heat of an august "LA PLAYA" Sunday,.To write any other way is like being without a hard hat in the subterranean blasts of tunnel excavations in the bitter freeze of a January n'or Easter......with no gloves. !!

Freedom is that narrow dirt side road that appears from nowhere as your barreling down a long stretch of empty western highway,."hmm,.wonder where that goes", you say to yourself,..a tinge of exhilarating ominous adventuresome fear crawls through you as you turn on to the mysterious little road that seems to streak towards a nonexistent horizon,.It matters little where it goes, or where you end up,.what matters, is that the little road to somewhere appears everyday to all of us, whispering,..."C'MON, don't be afraid, what have you got to lose,.your not gonna make it out of this life alive anyway,.it might be the worst thing that could ever happen to you,.then again,.a dream might materialize and explode in your spirit, bigger and greater then anything you could ever conceive in your wildest imagination,...You see pilgrims,.Freedom is not always the sure shot,.the safe route,.. but what makes freedom FREEDOM, is being unafraid to turn your life into an Indiana Jones dance from beginning to end,.no regrets,.no moans or groans ,.,just free sailing down that little dirt side road to Yippee Flats. !!