When you bestow gifts on the king, you bring your best,.artists think about this,!! Whats my best ??. When we play to a kingly crowd we ask ourselves, "What's the best that I can give them",.I know I do,.right before I go on stage to a small or substantial crowd, I always rangle in my head, "What's my best",.We want people to see us at our best,.period,..I have to rehearse long hours before my shows lately because for some ungodly reason I've had a tough time lately remembering my lyrics,..I always liked being the best I could at this,.. It's in my D.N.A. to want to present people with gifts,.There have been certain shows where I've presented the wrong gifts,.done songs that we're not appropriate for the audience I was singing too,..that's a trip,..standing there singing, while in your mind your saying, "I've screwed up royally,.Oh God get me through this". One time when i was about 27 years old I had to sing in front of Joanie Mitchell,..I was sitting in a circle of about 4 other really good songwriters, know, passing the guitar around,.everybody was trying to do their most sensitive material,.mostly because Joanie was there, and it would appeal to the music she liked,..It was like a bunch of kids, trying to impress the teacher.When the guitar came to me I was so flipped out full of nervous energy, that the song I had thought I was gonna do I totally forgot,.I launched into a screaming rendition of a song called "Pentagon by gone",.I was beating on the guitar so hard it's a wonder it didn't shatter to splinters,.It was in a key beyond my range,..I found myself squawking in a high pitched voice, a dying chicken,.Then, I glanced at Joanieā€™s face,..It was contorted into a mask of livid revulsion,..she was turning another color,.her lower lip faintly quivered...She looked at me like I was matted hair on the rear end of a dog,...I remember thinking."I'am doomed,.I've lost favor with the Queen",..Bring your best gifts to the king pilgrims,.He wants your nuggets,.not your old jock strap. !!