A great song clamps down on you like a vise,.a grip that will not let go, this life or the next, is the saviors wine in the barrel marked "SWINGING' DADDY COOL", Songs are sound birds that fly up your nose and roost in your heart brain,.they tantalize you like leggy women on the strip of angora kitty dreams,.they canonize you in trappings of fire fox and chrysanthemums,.they delegate unseen beings to do your bidding on holy pilgrimages and indecent crusades,.they bail you out of rubber rooms and vainglorious ideology's that squelch kingship's and predisposed woman of felonious valor,. great songs pinch the cheeks of tantrum driven babies and mesmerize their totem logic,.they have marsupial instincts and turtle magic,.they flap like forgotten tents in the lost winds of ancient buried carnivals,..whose to say who will write the next great game changer of our times,.that stroke of angelic voodoo that DE-crystallizes this frozen planet,.smashes it into quadrillions of sun rain splay drops,.. giving hearing sight back to the blind deaf. !!