To me, Writing should not "lay out the goods ", so to speak..how boring to have knowledge spit at you with overtones of "KNOWINGNESS" THAT EMANATE FROM THE PORES OF THE WRITER,..I'm old enough to understand that I know nothing,.and the older I get, the less I know,.which to me, is the sheer beauty of Life. To wind up at the end beautifully Clueless ,.When I begin to write,.I have no idea what the muse will present,.muse only requires me to be ready to GO,.When Muse imparts the first word in my spirit, "BANG", I immediately go airborne on automatic pilot,.I AM THE WITNESS TO WHATEVER THE MUSE WANTS TO WRITE,.SO I am both scribe and audience at the same time,..As in another post I wrote, ”while my hand wrote,.I was also the WITNESS,.AS IF I WAS SITTING IN A MOVIE THEATER WATCHING A FILM”; AND THIS IS THE WAY i WRITE SONGS TOO,..THIS IS WHY THE PROCESS ALWAYS REMAINS NEW AND EXITING,...I, personally, have never really "written" anything in my life,.and yet I'M responsible for writing thousands of works,.a strange dichotomy. !!