Paying dues is only part of it,.paying it forward is the biggest part,.paying honer and respect to the God who bestowed your gifts upon you is a huge part,..paying homage to those who went before you opening doors so you might pass through to the gates of Eden is part of it,.paying mind to the dreams and visions of the young is part of it,..paying attention to those who experienced to the core of their being, rejection, defeat, and then Victory is part of it,..paying those who wronged you with forgiveness is part of it,.paying the one you love and adore with a life time of Faithfulness is part of it,..paying with sometimes austere consequences for foolish, thoughtless acts is part of it,..and at the end,.in that last moment, we pay the Piper,..and our life long debts are finally paid off,..Free at last,.for a moment or two anyway,.then, in the afterlife,.a whole new set of payments kick in,..unimaginable one's,.Paying,..Paying,..Paying,..Would I want a life of no payments ??,.No,..I don't think so,..for then there would be no life. !!