I don't pretend to know what I'm doing 90% of the time,..The only true moment when I have that extra 10% of clarity is when I make Art,..Art does not rebuke, criticize, rob, or demoralize me,.I don't fight, argue, or embroil myself in drama with it,.It rolls smooth and nice without casting dispersion's or disparaging remarks,..I don't have to doubt or mistrust it,.it never leaves itself open for questioning,.I never feel intimidated or threatened by it, is not cunning or deceptive,.It does not manipulate or castigate my integrity,.Simply Stated, is the most honest of moments,.pure,.chaste,.virginal,.blissful,.it never puffs itself up to be more than what it is, is clear, concise, credulous, and alive, sweet delicious fruit,.or cool shallow pools on deliriously hot summer days,..For this, I gravitate towards that 10% of Love,..when I can't fathom the actions of others,. mind games, dramas, disappointments,,.sadness's, let downs, and terminal heart blows,..that little 10% I find in a rhyme or melody, poem, or story, is enough to rejuvenate, and reinstate back into the land of hope and promise,.to a place where I'm calibrated to the hum and pulse of the universe,.to existence !!,.giving me the stuff to deal with that other gut wrenching 90%.