Great songs are the consistency of Spandex,.Songs written with childlike abandon STRETCH YOU like Spandex. They stretch you on every conceivable level, and they keep stretching you for years and years, decade after decade; fifty years later you hear something you never heard before in the song,.see something never seen,.realizations zoom in out of the ethers,.revelations pound the coast line of your soul in frothy tumbling breakers,.on and on and on until the song is no longer a song anymore but a living Mandela, a tapestry woven just for you out of the rare silks of everything supearnal and magical,.You and the song are now a living entity separate and apart from your everyday physical nature; morphed into a supernatural creation full of unbearable light and passion.. The song " GENTLE ON MY MIND", by the late great John Hartford transformed normal everyday people into Shakespearian Hobo's who glimpsed into the deeper aspects of love and the Loneliness of being without it..It changed people's awareness of life on multi levels. A song did that,.a little song,.created by a young man with an angel sitting on his shoulder in the pre-dawn of the planet of the apes..Think carefully pilgrims,.what song did that to you,.what song flipped you like a pancake into the far-goness- sphere never to return to the mundane grind of your existence..A song has done that to all of us,.we are the clones of some 2 minute and twenty second ditty called BOB YOUR BRAINS OUT WITH A CLAW HAMMER ROCKER...Spandex babies,. SPANDEX.