There is a mountain that sings on Belmont boulevard in Nashville Tennessee,. A river of kind hands in a flurry of giving,.mighty winds that pray for decency and peace,.cleansing rains that whisper poetry and wisdom from Paleolithic Indian chieftains and mad old visionary women, soft silent snows that dance like luminous fairies along the curbs and fountains offering solace to the pilgrims of delusion,.Tornados of comfort and floods of happiness and troubadours of mercy and infant pastors of weeping innocence, upheavals and earthquakes , water spouts, typhoons, and whirlwinds and sweet mudslides,.all on Belmont Boulevard this day forever,.This is the undenied soul of a city of the muse where she prances about like a delirious semi clothed nymphet with a mischievous disarming smile,.come find me and we will court her together.

Go to and listen to Belmont Boulevard live streamed from the record, NASHVILLE RHAPSODY.