When someone says to me, "Chris, your crazy". I take it as one of the highest compliments anyone could give me,..In essence what their saying is, is that my perspective on whatever it is we happen to be discussing at that moment is so aberrant, so contrary to their particular mode of thinking, that instead of contemplating it, the easiest thing to decide to say is that I'm crazy,..Now, there is good crazy , and there is destructive crazy,.. I make my living trying to be good crazy,.I have since I was very young,..I look at the things we do to our planet,. the way we treat animals,.our children and love partners (I haven’t been the greatest partner,.still working on it),.how we manipulate, cajole, infuriate, exasperate, infiltrate, disseminate, incarcerate, rather then meditate and contemplate,..Thats crazy !!,.I'ts crazy to smoke yourself to death,.eat yourself sick until your once beautiful body becomes a misshapen piece of gross play dough,.the lists of crazies out number sand on the beach,.I've been guilty of many of them myself over time, but I've whittled them down to a basic few,.Write crazy honest stuff,.Think crazy wonderful thoughts,. Make crazy love,.laugh like crazy,.at times be crazy nuts,.love being Crazy Crazy,.OH Yeah,.and be sure to look at everybody else as being totally Bat Shit crazy... Crazy, ain't it, ??