The true profession of a man or woman is finding themselves..I've been searching for 75 years,.getting close I hope..I cared for a person who at the onset of our relationship was intrigued with the way my fingers looked as they moved over the guitar..My songs were a delight to this person and in the beginning she (I say she) couldn't get enough of them. Over time, the essence of the songs, the melodies and messages slowly became impotent, and she drifted away from the only grand thing I could ever give her, especially when many of them were written about and for her..In the end, she stopped coming to my shows, and I would say that whatever it was that was so visceral about my music with her in the beginning,over time it had become rather maudlin and boring..We as artists don't like to think that what we do would ever bore someone; on the contrary, we want them always to sparkle in the heart of our beloved..Recently she sent me a video of some young person playing a version of a very popular Leonard Cohen song.. For a moment I felt the pang of being upstaged, you know, the whole fragile ego dance; but then a remarkable thing happened, I found my profession and found myself. I realized that no one has the right to kidnap people with their music, and if they do, those captured people have a right to break free, evolve and move on to something else, just like we are always changing and moving on to other things..I saw that it was my music that helped her to evolve so she could reach the next level of her evolution just as flowers cross pollinate and become new species..None of us have a padlock on the life game, we are here to help others move on just as others help us to move on. A professional takes no hostages but rather opens doors for others on their way to eternity.