Country music as it once was especially in early blue grass music, connected the listener to the beauty of the landscape, it's colors, smells, sounds of silence as a man or woman greeted the dawn with the imploring eyes of animals and field creatures that knew through ritual that it was time to eat and exist another sun cycle. Country music connected the listener to the beauty of the unseen world from the little country church to the sounds of rural survival about the house or cabin in the lustrous summers or January freeze,.The songs made you feel things language could not describe, the death of a loved one, an errant son gone wrong, a beautiful woman and wife,.In the country music of old was the seamless strain of rural beauty and sorrow woven into the tapestry of the song that gave the listener a connection to him or herself..Todays country music to me has lost that vital essence of connection, that reflective quality that could transport us to aspects of the greater beings that we are, that enrichment of imagination that opened up a world of unique possibility..In todays world it is so important to hold something beautiful in the mind at all times to offset the harshness of this fast moving existence, a beauty that holds us up to the mirror of our own soul so that if we should be abandoned by all, we still have that inner reflection that links us to God in that moment of aloneness..True country music did that for it's patrons that today is it's missing vitality of substance.