Songwriting Confidential #11

Cave men wrote and sang songs,.My god, they had to. We know they were artists from the discovered drawings on the walls of caves. Can you imagine a long haired folkie cave man troubadour, or a rock artist, or the quintessential Jazzer who had a Thelonious Monk kinda vibe all groovy and toked out. Hell, I'm a cave man and I am a song receiver. My cave is the eternal inner sanctum of the purple gardens of the colossal indigo peach juice astral lolly pop sky scraping azure blueberry clouds of the naked tuba playing wine skin Geronimo uranium cadillac. It is in this primitive space I reside with flourish, flair and infinite sagacity, glued and painted on cave walls of sheet rock portico's hanging from trellises of cheerios and skittle seas that wash up on the shoes of my tone grapes in the intergalactic realms of gnome kings, swashbuckling trolls, indecent fairies, and colonies of miniature elven folk who look like Sophia Loren and Laurel and Hardy. It is from this exact delineation algebraically concurred from the sextant stolen from the pirate MONGOTERMERITUS where I live and ply my trade.