Songwriting Confidential #12

The scrutiny of Gods and Diva's do nothing to advance the yearnings of humans,.The destiny of an individual has already been allocated by divine principalities of a much higher order; to try and rearrange those precepts is a futile endeavor. The songs that have been given to me come at their own destined moments, proper and on time without my petty cajoling. To worry about "what is or isn't" seems to be an unction that we as a race are always struggling to overcome. There is no such thing as the concept of "On our time", it just doesn't exist , our time needs only to be concerned with whats immediately in front of us, that in it's essence is "The truth" whether it be a sink full of dirty dishes to scrub or something as simple as feeding a hungry animal; the realization that you seek is in those dishes or cat, nothing else exists in that moment of time but that, that is Zen. I yearn for the songs I haven't written yet, but thats about as much as I can garner until the moment the creative spirit decides to impart those songs to me, all I can do is to persist and show up, ready and willing, but thats it. All my nervous rants and twitches won't bring those moments any closer until the chosen times. Trusting destiny in a noble gesture, it is the hallmark of artists and thieves alike, we must be patient little bunnies and get on about the business of living and let Destiny do it's own dance.