Songwriting Confidential #15

Lets't be clear,.An outlaw is someone who decides that the laws that consecrate any action are not for him or her..It doesn't matter what it is, if there's a law that dictates that action and someone just does not feel compelled in their spirit to follow or obey that law for whatever reason, that person is then out from underneath the umbrella of that law,.he or she is OUT of the law; thus, those people are Out-laws. Since the beginning of songwriting time most songwriters have written songs so they could have a chance of becoming hits whether they were on the radio recorded by famous artists of maybe in Broadway plays or even commercials. Then there are songwriters who see songwriting as a deep spiritual undertaking where they see themselves as conduits of the creative spirit approaching their gifts as would a visionary or seer. These individuals write songs outside the laws of the music business that employs songwriters to write commercial music to make money..Two different approaches to the same art form, both valid and honorable. At this point it's a matter of personal choice which songwriting path one choses..Both paths lead to fulfillment..This morning in a post I said that visionary artists are like spiritual archeologists, digging and turning over stones that attempt to pierce and uncover the unknown, hunters of ancient secrets to embellish their lyrics with. This is the path of the outlaw; and yes , outlaw is redundant and has lost it's meaning, so why not lets invent a new word for the Indiana Jones type songwriter, something timeless and bad ass,.How's bout Cincinnati Smith ?, or Johnny Rico ?