Songwriting Confidential #16

There are instances when you are aware of a message thats bubbling around in the subliminal spheres that wants to stream through you, a message you feel in the depths of your intuitive nature. Certain words keep rising to the surface as if the creative spirit was shooting them at you with an auric pea shooter. You have an unction to what it is but you can't lay your finger on it in it's entirety. Songs pour through you showing snippets and arrangements of the message yet it never fully materializes on the page the way your feeling it,.Songs go by, 10, maybe 15 of them, all showing traces with askew sentences that touch but don't define the mysterious message..Time may pass to the degree you've forgotten about the incident, then one day the miracle songs appears, innocuous in it's inception, yet, bearing the fruit of the long sought after almost forgotten revelation, stark and penetrating with a dazzling brilliance to it. This is the path for the troubadour on the long haul journey to that mystical place where persistence is the elevator that goes to the top floor of one's sacred calling, unearthing the secrets of the lost continent of HOLY WOW !!..