Songwriting Confidential #19

Writing songs is like making a telephone call to the stars,, someone picks up and it's an angel on the line, have this long talk about deep stuff that's hard to understand,..the angel lays it all out with quiet matter of fact Humphrey Bogart voice,.he gets down in there in between the cracks speaking In metaphors and rhymes,.you can't really get hold of it at first,.but after a time the light comes on and you catch the Angels drift,.you can hear the angel rattling the ice cubes in his glass on the other end,.Barcardi on the rocks,.once in a while you hear him humming an Irving Berlin tune,.by this time you got it all down on paper and your putting a melody to it,.Angel says he's gotta boogie down the pike so you say thanks and so long but not before asking what his name is..Angel gives out a long sigh and says " Caitlyn".