Songwriting Confidential #22


IT'S ALL ABOUT ADDING A LITTLE ELEGANCE TO THE WORLD,.IN WHATEVER YOU DO ADD ELEGANCE..I'm rusty as hell right now,.my guitar chops are off and I feel less inspired about writing, yet, in the back of my mind is the desire to create something elegant. Why should we do whatever it is we do and have it not be elegant,. If it's honest it will be elegant. !! Dishonest stuff reeks of insincerity,.I believe the proper opposite of elegance is PATHETIC,. We wanna shine like the top of a Christmas tree, Fireflies and heat lightening...I'm stalking the muse as we speak; it's only by stalking the muse in the time of doldrums might we lure him/her out to bless us with an elegant goody just to get rid of our sorry asses...Were in the crucible if we're making art or not; like half asleep Limo drivers with one eye open ready to ride at the drop of a song.