Songwriting Confidential #23


The bible says God spoke the creation of the solar system into being, flinging stars and celestial bodies into the void loaded with lights and twinkling . I believe God was playing a guitar when he did it. Blowing air into words creates a disturbance in the ethers mixed with desire and intent, a mysterious alchemy that causes things to be birthed. Beneath the surface of everyday life this magic is rumbling and tumbling with blazing consistency. In the hub and hum of daily non stop earthly crap, a song seems like the least particle of substance to be able to affect anything sentient. Why would a person with as much education as Kris Kristofferson decide to invest his entire life in the seemingly least common denominator of occupations that would eventually leave his mark in the most emblematic and fortuitous way by writing three to four minute songs to very simple melodies. Do you think for an instant that any of our presidents endless self back slapping speeches contain more wisdom and truth then Kris's " TO BEAT THE DEVIL", or " HERE COMES THAT RAINBOW AGAIN" ??, I think not pilgrims !! Great life changing songs are more powerful then the speeches of sad dellusional weaklings, for they can disseminate idiocy and lies with one honest devastating line , thus, the power of a little song and the reason for Kristoffersson's mystical predilection and ephemeral legacy. Kris is just one of many pilgrims who have embarked on this spiritually sanctioned path. My advice to those who pursue this life of the troubadour seer; "Don't waste your time trying to write songs, spend your time seeking to uncover the mysteries of life and let the songs write you".