Songwriting Confidential #24


Outlaw songwriters can't miss things they've never had,.They are immune from things unattained,.Outlawz stick to the alleys where the juice is,.you can't find the Holy Proverbs on main street,.Secrets of the universe are embedded in the alleys of angelic desolation,.The ancient murmuring's are stashed deep in the caves of beautiful degradations under the junk and litter of lucid creatures in survival modes unknown to human comfort zones..Outlawz are hinges on the dilapidated screen doors of infinity, banging like holy irritants against the pylons of mediocrity,.Outlaws are the threads that pull tight the noose on half spirited forays into the world of true art; a place where 'Tunesmiths" can't dwell; only Outlawz have the keys to that kingdom..