Songwriting Confidential #25


Hank Williams had the great ability to take his sorrows, heartbreak, and devastation that he was experiencing and turn it into art (songs), Reliving his pain by singing it back to himself was Hank being his own SHRINK in that he OPENED up to himself like one would open up to a therapist; he recanted his problems in the songs he wrote about them. More then likely it helped him to feel better about himself and his situation especially when he sang them to adoring crowds of people..Honest songs help the listener to open up to things about themselves that have long reseeded into their own private caves of forced forgetfulness serving as a source of lost inspiration and a shot of hope in moments of desperation and despair. Being a singer/songwriter made Hanks life bearable, so bearable that he produced an enormous body of work. He was committed to his art and managed to produce right to the end. Songwriters/Singers who make this their life's work, if they stick it out will be lavished by wisdom learned, wisdom they can put to use to survive that keep the fires burning as an older person. Songs are a healing magic, but we gotta keep singing them.