Songwriting Confidential #26

In1964 Kris Kristofferson and I answered an add in the paper for a Martin guitar for sale for 200 dollars. We went over to East Nashville, scoped it out, dickered and plunked. Kris plopped down the dough and out we went; you could buy a D28 back then for that price. I had just bought one myself; still got it. Us buying those guitars was like Thor getting his first hammer. All the hits that Kris wrote he wrote on that guitar, and any hits I had I wrote on my Martiin D28. Two guitars crafted for gypsies. Kris and I were linked to the trees that gave up their wood to build those wooden swords, linked from the beginning of creation that those trees would grow just for us so when we were born that wood would be put in the hands of a luthier who would build them for us. That pilgrims is DESTINY.