Songwriting Confidential #29


The narrow rocky path has always been the path of the artist..To throw oneself blindly into the streaming rugged winds of the muse is beyond stupidity or courageousness,. It is a choice-less vendetta against those pilgrims tempted by the flame of Art,.Tempted by those illustrious Devils of creativity that pierce in and out of the luminous egg of the neophyte's field of energy when he or she steps into the arena of making something out of nothing..Songs are created by blowing air into words and giving them life,.paintings are made by an artists inner vision that they then reproduce with strokes and splashes of paints and combinations of colors,..The lure of art is so intoxicating for the young artist that they are unawares of the narrow rocky path,.they in turn view their path as an expansive free wheeling vista..Older struggling artists have come to grips with the narrow rocky path.,,so what is it pilgrims? .Do we whine and complain that we didn't get a fair shake, or do we thank God almighty that we were given a magical gift to develop and implement in our lives regardless of the outcome,.rich or poor, recognized or unrecognized,.discovered or undiscovered,.I would rather be on the narrow rocky path still in love with the creative process then on the larger highway of fat comfortable and unfulfilled any day..