Songwriting confidential #34


The only music I heard as a kid in NY in the late 40's was Sinatra, Johnny Ray, Como, Astaire, Lee, Lennon sisters, Maguire sisters, Mills Brothers, show music, and my Dad; classical music and Vanilla pap...Then, Elvis Aron hit the world stage and blew the universe apart. The magnet of attraction that Elvis exuded literally sucked the world into himself like a race of hat pins magnetized to his powerful aura, elvis captured the world in ways the Beatles or Stones never did.When I first heard Blue Suede Shoes I was hurled onto the Bing Bang Bullet Train that I've ridden on to this moment..Thank God for the ones who free us from false self images and delusional ideologies..As soon as I heard those early Elvis songs i knew it was exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to write those songs; still dreaming !!!!