Songwriting confidential #38


Self sabotage is more then the drink, the dope, procrastination, joint, shot, sex, and 400 million other jolts to the spirit that steals victory like a bear on a rock swiping salmon out of the air,.Thinking our poison is freedom is the complete dichotomy of delusion,.Believing it's not the curse but the cure is what we do, and quite well i might add.. I get this stuff in my head and I gotta write and sing about it,.I'm addicted to songwriting like a crack head,..I cannot quit,.why would I want too ??, Shooting songwriting is a shot of hero-truth,.how I process whats in front of me,.deal with my torments in the hot black night,.and I will use every available means to not do it,.self sabotage the victory waiting at the end of my pen,.but i do it anyway and win another day,.I'm hip to the sabotage con,.I write songs and stick them right in the face of self sabotage..