Songwriting confidential #39


I am thankful for my great friends, you know who you are, those of you who've helped me and those of you i've helped. I am not an outlaw or anything that bears title, I am a man who spent a lifetime writing little songs and poems. I've been inspired by dogs and cats, trees and creeks, children and grandchildren, singing seasons and fireflies;. I am thankful for the life I've lived and the life I will live,.I am not angry or dismayed, sorry or regretful, bitter or disgusted, but rather enflamed that I have a conscience, joyful of the depth of my feelings, feelings not always detectable by those who think me to be heartless and void of emotion,.I can't rectify the hurt I've caused others, I can only reflect, be penitent and meaningfully apologize,.I am sorry !!, I am grateful and love the fact that the gift god gave me has added to the world in ways beyond my understanding of which I give credit to all the wonderful talented mentors I was placed in the middle of when it counted.. Today I raise my glass to you all,.face book friends , allies, consorts, benefactors, associates, partners, grifters, thieves, jugglers, clowns, misfits, scalawags, saints, and good buddies..I love you all.